Vegan Disney Part III + Dopey Challenge Race Report

Greeting! Long time, not talk.  Well it is 2017 and I am vowing to keep up with the blog! Be on the look out for race reports, travel posts, product reviews and much much more.  Lets begin with my most recent venture to Disney World to run the Dopey Challenge.

For those of you who do not know, every January Disney World holds their annual marathon weekend.  The weekend included a variety of race, a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon and kids fun races.  For the crazy runner, there is the Goofy Challenge which requires completing the half marathon and full marathon. For the even crazier runner, there is the Dopey Challenge which requires completing the 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon.  That is four days in a row of running.  Of course, I made it my goal to do the Dopey… while eating my way through and going to the parks, not taking the running into consideration at all.

The month prior to Dopey was spent in full on training mode.  It was a test to get the mileage in, with not much speed work but it was exhausting.  I had just finished training for my major race of the year, the Philadelphia Marathon (11/20/2016), took a few days off to recover, then was back to training once again.  I spent the month of December glued to the runDisney website/social media and Dopey/runDisney groups on Facebook keeping my motivation up, as I moved drone-like through training.  As the race/Disney trip got closer, the less I thought about the running, so much so that a friend asked me when my next marathon was and I said “September”, not even acknowledging that I would be running another one, IN JANUARY.

The new year came and went and the next thing you know I was on an airplane to Orlando with my mother, Maureen, sister, Jamie, and friend, Natalie.  We all had our own running feats to conquer.  My mom was to complete her first 5k.  Jamie was to complete her own challenge of sorts, the 5k, 10k and half marathon.  Natalie was to complete the Goofy Challenge.  We all had our own goals for each race, whether it was just finishing or making personal records.  Additionally, we were not going to let the running get in the way of our Disney fun.

We arrived around 9:30 am the Tuesday prior to race day, took the Magical Express to our “home” for the week, Old Key West then our girls trip began.

The Food Mentionables

I am not going to mention any of the food I have previously had and reviewed unless there were changes since the last time.  Links to my other Disney posts can be found at the end of this post.

Trail’s End – Chef TJ

It is not a vegan trip to Disney World if you do not go to Trail’s End and dine with Chef TJ. Below our the dishes we split.  We ate an early lunch to prepare our stomachs for the massive amount of food we knew we would be served.  On top of the Chef TJ regulars, we were served a really yummy beet and arugula dish.




Beet, Arugula, Corn Salad

Tofu Veggie Entree

Dessert Tower

Le Cellier

Meh, a vegan walks into a steak house.. we got what we expected… confusion as to why we were there.  Upon booking this reservation, Le Cellier had a seemingly delicious Meyer Lemon Tofu dish.  When we arrived, this dish did not exist.  Instead a new “vegan friendly” dish was on the menu, Root Vegetable Gnocchi.  It was okay, just not the Meyer Lemon Tofu dish I was dreaming of.  In addition the veganizing of the Root Vegetable Gnocchi, we enjoyed their bread selection (with Earth Balance upon request) and Truffle Fries sans cheese.

Mr. Kamal’s

Animal Kingdom’s Mr. Kamal’s food stand may hold some of my favorite snacks in all the parks. We enjoyed their samosas and falafel balls as an afternoon snack. Both very tasty when paired with the mango chutney.

Blaze Pizza

The pizza chain, Blaze, now located at Disney Springs is pretty high on my recommendation list. With several vegan topping and staff that will change their gloves to serve you to avoid cross contamination, Blaze gets a five star review.

Erin McKenna’s

My only complaint about Erin McKenna’s Bakery is that it not more readily available in the parks! The night we went to Blaze, we ended up getting some cookies and SOFT SERVE for dessert. It was perfect, except I would skip the caramel sauce topping, its not that great.

BONUS – Erin McKenna’s offered 10% off your order if did any runDisney race (medal proof) which was very cool in my book.

California Grill

Post marathon with dead legs we decided to eat fancy and with a view at the California Grill in Disney’s Contemporary resort. As previously discussed, the chef created a four plate sampling for both me and my friend Natalie. In addition, we had the Truffle Tofu sushi for an appetizer.

Turf Club

The Turf Club, the little known restaurant at the Saratoga Springs went all out vegan for us.  Chef Omar has been all over the Veg Disney plugging his vegan creations at the Turf Club so we thought to give it a try.  Chef Katie and Omar treated us very special.  See below personalize menu along with our meals.

Veganized Buffalo Chicken Dip

Other places/things we ate and/or snacked at and would recommend:

Columbia Harbor House (QS Lunch) – Lighthouse Sandwich (no broccoli slaw); Vegetarian Chili (no oyster crackers); French Fries; Allergy Friendly Cookies

Tusker House (Buffet Breakfast) – Allergy Friendly Waffles (made upon request); Tator Tots; Fresh Fruit

Sprinkles (Sweet Snack) – Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake

Dole Whip (Heaven on Earth)

Popcorn – (Salty Goodness) – Tip: If you are a popcorn lover like myself, buy the souvenir bucket right away. It is worth the extra money. Fill ups are under $2 and are not capped.

Mickey Pretzel (Salty Snack)

Kona Cafe (TS Breakfast) – Tonga Toast

Quick Tip:

Since we flew in from Philadelphia and did not have a car when we landed, we did grocery delivery from Garden Grocer.  They had lots of vegan friendly items included soy milk, Earth Blance, vegan cream cheese, and fruit. The delivery was on time and they were very good at keeping us up to date. 

The Dopey Challenge

Now onto my thoughts on running the Dopey Challenge.  I must begin by saying I did not “race” these events.  Since this was my first go at a challenge of this sort, my goal was to finish all of them.  Unlike most people who use the Galloway run/walk plan, I did intend to run all 4 races.  Going into it, my biggest fear was waking up early.  I knew I could do the runs physically but the 3:00 am wake up calls were going to be a new obstacle.  Before we talk running, we must touch on the expo for a moment.

The Expo was a nightmare.

We went on day 1, Wednesday, because it was mandatory for the Dopey challenge participants as the first race would be Thursday.   To begin, transportation from the parks to the expo was not available or cast members had no information about it. We ended up taking an Uber from the Contemporary since we were spending our day at Magic Kingdom. The Uber was cheap and we were dropped off right in from of Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex.  In proper Disney fashion, the expo had lines, LONG lines. Bib pick ups were ALL over the place.  Challenge, marathon and half marathon were in one building while 5k and 10k were located on a walkway.  In addition to this separation, someone thought it would be a genius idea to place the half marathon shirt pick up (for any non-challenge half marathon runners) in the main expo building.  The main expo building that had a 1 hour+ line to get into.  FUN.  We waited in this line, for over an hour. Once inside, it was just like any other marathon expo.

Tip: I am not sure if I was so out of the loop or what, but New Balance has Disney themed marathon weekend shoes that were so cool.  I knew about these prior to entering the main expo building, what I did not know what you needed an appointment to buy them.  They were nice to look at though.  My tip for anyone new to runDisney.  Book an appointment prior. Even if you are only thinking about buying the shoes.  Better safe than sorry.

No Tip: I wish I could provide a good time to go to the Expo so you could avoid the craziness.  From what I heard, it is always crazy for the challengers, unless you want to pay extra money to be VIP, but I cannot tell you if that is worth it or not.

Walt Disney World 5k

The race was set to being 6:00 am.  I am a nervous racer.  Waking up, I was extremely nervous about the transportation to the race.  I even had a nightmare about it prior.  Do not laugh at me, this was my first runDisney morning race.  So my sister, mom and I, in our Raw Threads gear, left for the race 1 hour 30 minutes before the race start time, at 4:30 am.  Well… we arrived at the race in in 15 minutes.  Turns out, our resort, Old Key West, was VERY close to the start line!  We noted this for future races!

Arriving early left lots of time for standing around and photo ops.  Before each race, the sponsored character (Pluto for the 5k) hung out for official pictures. Along with the sponsored character, there were also chances for pictures with the challenge sponsored characters, Goofy and Dopey.  My opinion, arriving early for one race and knocking out all of these photos is smart.

As a first time runDisney morning racer, I missed my corral.  I had been chatting with my mom and sister, not paying any attention.  When I arrive at my corral, it already left.  So instead of corral A, I ran with corral C.  It was not too bad, crowd wise.  The course took you through the Epcot parking lot, through Epcot and ended closely back were it started.  As race 1 of 4, I felt great, even after walking all day through the parks Tuesday and Wednesday.  My coach Rita, who was on board with my, “finish” goal gave me a plan to run an easy average pace of 8:20 min per mile.  As with most races, I felt great, adrenaline was high and the crowd was happy (we were in Disney World, DUH).  I ended up averaging 8:01 per mile.   I was surprised as I did not feel I was going at that speed, but obviously I was.  For this race, I did not stop at any character stops.  I feel if I started in corral A, as intended, lines would not have been as long and I could have popped in and out for photos.

::Notes taken for next year NOT to miss my corral:

(Also, yes I said next year… you’ll hear why later.)

Course Map 2017 (5k/10k)

Image result for wdw 5k course map 2017

Post race snacks were vegan friendly.  Each race ended with bananas,  Powerade, water and a runDisney snack box.  The box included tortilla chips, Oreos, a Clif bar and apple sauce.  The only non-vegan item was this nasty looking cheese cup which was all the rage among the omnis..

Transportation post race was a little tricky.  As the course begins in the parking lot, transportation back to the resorts did not begin until every runner passed.    Since I started in an early corral and ended in 25 minutes, I had to wait in line for the bus to go back to the resort (where Natalie was waiting for us to go to parks, JK she was still sleeping).  I waited so long, my sister,who was a couple corrals back, also finished.  We arrived back at the resort just in time for sunrise.  My mom, who walked the entire 5k, arrived back at the hotel about 45 minutes after us.  We then got ourselves together and headed to Hollywood Studios and Epcot for the day.

Walt Disney World 10k

Day two of running and we knew better.  We did not arrive at the race till 4:45 am (for the 5:30) race start.  We both got to our corrals on time and we both killed our races.  Starting in corral A was pretty awesome.  Since this was the first officially timed race (the 5k was only officially timed for Dopey Challengers), many people in corral A were running for time.  There was less dodging people in the beginning and there were TWO characters with no, or minimal lines.  I got to then stop and see The Genie and Winnie the Pooh & Tigger.  For those new to runDisney, the photographers will take your picture professionally while the character “handler” will take a picture with your phone, if preferred.  Rita’s goal for me for this race was another easy 8:35 per mile pace.  As I started, my legs felt their first feelings of heavy.  I had just trotted the parks for 3 days with no regard of my running and had completed a, faster than planned, 5k the day before.  After 1 mile, my legs were back and I enjoyed myself.  We ran through the Epcot parking lot, around the Boardwalk resort and into Epcot.  It was fun and ended my race only a little faster than planned at 8:19 per mile pace with TWO character stops.

Transportation was easier than the 5k from here on out.  I was able to hop on the bus after my run, after getting my photo with Dopey of course.

Again, there was no rest, we arrived back at the room, got ready and spent the day at the Animal Kingdom.

Walt Disney World Half Marathon

Before getting into race day Saturday, we have to talk about Friday afternoon/night. Saturday’s weather forecast had called for rain all week, no surprise there. On top of the rain, rumors were swirling on social media about a possible cancellation of the race.  The cause of this alarm, lightening.    With three people in our group running the half marathon, we kept our eyes peeled for the cancellation email, hoping it would never come.  That Friday night, on our way to Blaze Pizza for a proper carboload, we received the following message.

Half marathon and “official” Dopey and Goofy Challenge dreams crushed.  Jamie, who’s first half marathon was just cancelled, was the most upset.  Natalie was happy and I was somewhere in between.  Luckily, my support system did not let me get upset.  Disney was going to issue refunds for the race (something they did not have to do) and I accepted that I would have a day off before the marathon, until I talked to Vinny back home.  Vinny along with a couple other friends has some motivation for me. “run it anyway”.  With that thought, I ate my pizza in a somber mood and went back to the room. I was not mad about the race cancellation until I heard the news and they exclaim that there was a 1% chance of lightening. ONE PERCENT.  This solidified my plan.  I would run the half marathon on my own and I was not the only one with this plan

That Saturday, I set out with my rain gear, after “sleeping in”, at 7:37 am.  My course took me on multiple loops through Old Key West, Saratoga Springs (the two resorts are connected with a walking path) and Disney Springs.  I saw so many people along the way doing their unofficial half marathons as well.  It was the best.  I feel like I can say I semi-earned my shirt and medal, as all the others runners I saw out there did.  Others would disagree, but to each is own.    Rita did not give me a plan for this race as I was supposed to pace my sister at about 11:00 min per mile.  I ended with a pace of 9:02 min per mile.  It felt good.  It was raining and warm and my legs were enjoying it.

I arrived home to my party actually waiting for me, no snack box in hand though, and I got myself together and we went to Hollywood Studios and Epcot for the day again (even walking from park to park).  When I say I did not rest, I meant it. The most sitting I did was on the bus.

Walt Disney World Marathon

Image result for 2017 disney marathon course map

Feeling like a runDisney race pro at this point, me and Natalie, sort of slept in.  I woke up, ate my Clif bar, drank some coffee, packed my Gu’s and we left, around 4:30 am.  We arrived at the race start with just enough time to go to the bathroom and get to our corrals.  It was cold on this Sunday morning and not many people could handle it.  I mean we were in Florida, who would expect the cold.  Not the case with me.  This was my prime running weather.  I was in my shorts and tank top and got all the stares when I took off my trash bag I borrowed from the cleaners at Old Key West.   It ended up being the perfect race attire.  Rita’s plan for me involved 10 miles at 9:40 min per mile, 10 miles at 9:20  min per mile and a stronger finish.  I started off with heavy legs, as I had for the 10k and it was taking me a bit to shake them off. This leads me to my off topic runner complaint. A lot of runners are WAY TO SERIOUS.  I understand people may have been going for PRs or like super concentrating on their gait but whatever, runners may have been in the happiest place on earth, but they were not happy themselves (further proof of this later).  I am the type of runner who LOVES a good chat while on the course.  I was chatless for over 2 miles.  No one even responded to my cheesy jokes like “25 more to go” at mile 1, until I hear a faint “Erin” over my music that I wasn’t even listening to.  It was a friend from home, Suz who I had met 2 years prior at the finish line of my first marathon in Philly.  She was the co-leader of the November Project, Philadelphia tribe and we joked how I wanted to go to November Project strictly for the crowd surfing aspect.  I eventually starting going to November Project the following year.  It was crazy that of all people there we would run into each other.  From there on, I ran with her as we chatted the remaining 24 miles about our lives, Twizzlers and concussions.  We learned more about each other in those 4 hours than we did in the time since meeting each other combined.  It was so nice to have her to chat with and get through the ups and downs of the marathon with.  The course weaved through all four parks in addition to the Wide World of Sports complex and ended where it began at Epcot.  Suz and I ran through the finish line hands held high as we completed the Dopey Challenge.  We did not get to ride any rides or get a margarita, we were too early for both, but we did have fun & stop for so many characters along the way.  Final race pace was 9:53 per mile pace with about 12 character stops.  At the end Suz had to go back to work with Runner’s World and I got to go back to getting the silent treatment from other unhappy marathon runners on the bus.  I even offered my cheese cup to everyone around me, crickets.  Some people do not run as happy as others, I get that now.

Overall, I loved the races and the food.  Since I did not officially complete Dopey, I have already signed up again for next year. I will also be back with my sister, Jamie, to run the Wine & Dine half marathon in November.

❤️ Erin

Detour: Vegan Tucson, Arizona

I love travel. There are never any vacation days left over for me and trips are planned a year before. That being said, work offered an opportunity to travel and help out a property in Tucson for their busy season. I jumped at the chance. Though there are not many, there are vegan choices in this Mexico-esque city. Here are my thoughts on my favorite places to eat in Tucson, Arizona…

Lovin’ Spoonfuls Vegetarian Restaurant
Lovin’ Spoonfuls was the most recommended stop from my Instagram crowd so it was only right that it be my first eatery to try. I arrived on a stomach full of only coffee and coconut cashews and resisted the urge to order the comfiest of comfort foods. Instead, I ordered the Hail Caesar, to fit with my health kick I was on, and Battered Beer Brats to satisfy my always lingering need for comfort food. Both were amazing and worth getting again. The brats were perfectly fried and paired with honey mustard and the salad was garnished with carrots, pine nuts and croutons. It was a pleasure as I have not had Caesar salad in sometime.


Over the span of 7 days, I went back 2 more times, mostly due to lack of other vegan options or shear love of the place.  On my next visit, I indulged a bit and ordered the Route 66 Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of potato salad and chips.  The burger was great, the bacon on it, however, was a bit hard to chew through making the burger very messy. But messy smessy,  the meal was delicious and it was worth every single unflattering chew.

Route 66 Bacon Cheeseburger

My 3rd and final visit before leaving Tucson, I went overboard.  I ordered the Golden Nuggets, Shoestring Fries and Spinach Salad.  Everything was perfect but I clearly ordered too much food.  Food coma followed, as expected.


Urban Fresh
Sticking with the health kick, I headed to Urban Fresh for a breakfast juice. A bit of a bad experience but in no way should it effect going here. I arrive at 8:15 to find it didn’t open till 9. Yelp had incorrect hours, ugh, like come on Yelp! The juicer was to arrive in 15 minutes though!! Hooray!! 20 minutes pass… no juicer. The chef, in a means to conduct good customer service, attempts to make my Get Rooted! juice of beet, dalkon, carrot and ginger. I watched his attempt… I saw the ginger go in, a very large chunk of ginger, and cringed. Ginger totally overpowered the taste… But I cannot complain, they were trying to get me on my way and they really tried! Plus, the chef mixed up the 16 ounce and 24 ounce cups so I had a very large, ginger juice for the price of a small one.

Mama’s Hawaiian Barbecue
It was free lunch Friday at work so the lunch decision had to be unanimous. As an outsider I just choose to accommodate to whatever lunch the full time staff wanted and find something on the menu.   Everyone choose a Arizona favorite,  Mama’s Hawaiian Barbeque.  To my surprise Mama’s had Teriyaki Tofu on the menu! IT WAS AMAZING! Probably the best cooked tofu I ever had in my life.


Revolutionary Grounds 
For an early riser, Tucson seems to be a ghost town on a Saturday. I stopped for breakfast before work at Revolutionary Grounds, coffee shop/bookstore, owned by a family of at home vegans. Ordered the Revolutionary Bagel which was an everything bagel, topped with avocado, basil pesto and tomato. It was AMAZING and boy it is nice to indulge in the perfect specimen that is the bagel, sometimes.

Revolutionary Grounds

Food for Ascension Cafe
I absolutely loved this place!  The atmosphere was so serene and welcoming.  It was also nice to have a friendly chat with a Philadelphia native who worked there and recognized my accent… but that’s besides the point.   The food, all organic and local.n  Everything about this place was too good not to love.   I chose a rooftop seat and the view was just perfect.  The menu had tons of appealing items so it was hard to choose! I decided on Biscuits and Gravy with a side of Turmeric Potatoes.  YUM.   This is a MUST STOP for anyone visiting the area! I  even tried to go back a second time.

Food for Ascencion

Mexico in Season

I was super excited to try this place!  As Tuscon was so close to Mexico, I knew the Mexican influence would be apparent in the cities food culture.  Mexico in Season was a top place on Yelp, that boasted vegan Mexican options.  After checking out the menu… vegan cheese CHECK, vegan sour cream CHECK. I AM THERE.  I arrived for lunch to an empty quick service restaurant.  Normally I see this as a bad sign but who knows, it could have been a non-peak lunch time in Tuscon even though it was 12:45.  SO I ordered the burrito bowl… as I walked down the Chipotle inspired ordering counter, I ask about the vegan cheese and sour cream, they had neither.  I was extremely disappointed, as I would not have went out of my way to try this place as there were other places closer to my work I could have went to and received the same meal.   The food was just okay.   I would call ahead for anyone planning to go here for the special vegan options in the future.

Mexico in Season

 Whole Food Speedway

Whole Foods… the savior of for all vegan travelers!  This was my go-to place for snacks and even two meals!  The vegan options were amazing.  In my time there, I tried the Vegan Potato Salad, Sesame Kale Salad, Vegan Chicken Salad Wrap, and more Sesame Kale Salad 🙂  Oh and on my final day at the office I picked up treats for the offices! Whether it be for a regular at home shopping trip or as a go to for something quick on vacation/out of town, Whole Foods is always a go to for use Philly Vegans.


10544264_1435896393365719_7509747_n 10570024_837280042949271_535529346_n

Detour: Vegan Camping at French Creek State Park

Aahhh the great outdoors… hiking, campfire, bugs and nature.  It is nice to unplug for the weekend,  leave the hustle and bustle of the city, and take in the beauty nature has to offer.  Last weekend we went with our lovely friends, Martha and Stephen, on a mini campcation to French Creek State Park, located only 52 miles outside of Philadelphia, in the Pottstown area of Pennsylvania.  We kept the menu vegan-comfort-foodesque, which was only fitting for a camping trip.  Between hot dogs and s’mores, pancakes to muffins, we enjoyed it all.  I’ll now share my list and details of our semi-wilderness, outdoor living, semi-roughing-it adventure (I only say “semi” because the only wildlife we saw was one chipmunk and there were indoor bathrooms).


We arrived around 7 pm, just before sundown, so it was perfect.  Vinny set up our tent and air mattress, I watched.  The air mattress was essential as French Creek is very rocky.  HIGHLY recommended for anyone planning to camp in the future.  Once settled, we prepped dinner.  The menu for the night: Veggie Dogs and S’Mores.  Veggie Dogs & marshmallows were perfect roasted over the fire Martha and Stephen started before we arrived.  We recommend bringing a fire starter kit or a long lighter (you know the one you light candles with at home) as matches did not cut it.


1 Graham Cracker split in half
2 Vegan marshmallows
1/2 Chocolate Square (because a whole square got a bit messy)


Note: I found the key to camp meal planning is bringing the smallest number of refrigerated items possible.  No one wants to risk eating poorly stored food or have to run back to civilization to buy more ice.

We started Saturday early.  Vinny woke up and went for a mountain bike ride.  The trails at French Creek are amazing for it!  Today was our big breakfast day(aka use what was left of the refrigerated material since the ice was melting)!  We made pancakes.  Be sure to prep the mix before the trip so you do not have to worry about carting excess items.  Vinny picked up Oreos last minute before the trip so we got a bit creative and made Oreo Pancakes as well as banana.  ::cue Jack Johnson’s – Banana Pancakes::  While I played head chef, Vinny prepped us some much needed coffee on the AeroPress, perfect for camping.


Serves 4 Hungry Campers

1 cup All-Purpose Flour
1 cup Whole Wheat Flour
2 tablespoons Sugar
1 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
2 cups nondairy Milk buy it warm
3 1/2 tablespoons Baking Powder
1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt

Optional Ingredients:
Chopped Banana

Options Toppings:
Maple Syrup
Earth Balance

  1. Combine dry ingredinents.
  2. Add milk and oil.
  3. Cook on greased heated pan until bubbles start to form on top of pancake.
  4. Optional Step: Add Orao crumbles or banana pieces, or BOTH.  Press into the pancake. 
  5. Flip.
  6. Cook until bottom of pancake is a light brown,
  7. Add your favorite maple syrup, earth balance and ENJOY!!



Coffee: ReAnimator – Ethiopian Blend



Post breakfast we prepped hiking snacks… Trail Mix & Fruit.  The trail mix consisted of a combination of our favorites from Trader Joe’s: Coconut Cashews, Wasabi Wow! and Go Raw Trail Mix.  French Creek has a wide array of trails we just walked and walked.  The skill level was low.  We did 6 miles over a 2+ hour time span with the hardest segment being our walk back into the park.  To see our course, go to Strava. Both Vinny and I have accounts (he does all the impressive rides).

For lunch, we ventured in the traditional route… Cookie Butter & Strawberry Fruit Spread Sandwiches. They were lovely. One was even “grilled”. We napped after enjoying some time hanging out by the fire taking soda and Chipotle.

Saturday night dinner would have to be my favorite. Veggie Dogs, Roasted Potatoes & Vegetable Skewers (and more S’mores!) We grilled everything! Hot dogs: grilled until hot. Potatoes: place in sprayed tin foil; sprinkle evenly (over all 4 packages) with salt, pepper, 2 cloves chopped garlic and half a large chopped onion; grill on low fire until soft,stirring regularly to prevent burning. Veggie Skewers: cut vegetables into large pieces; place on skewer sticks; coat with olive oil; season with BBQ seasoning; grill until hardest veggies are soft (i.e. zucchini), rotating regularly.

On our final morning we enjoyed Cinnamon Sugar Donut muffins. They were perfect. We then hiked a bit more than snack on some Quinoa Protein Bites I made in chocolate flavor for the trip!

Air Mattress + Battery Pump
Fire Starter
Long Lighter
Grill Skewers (for food roasting)
Sleeping Bag
Hand Sanitizer
Coleman Camping Stove
Paper Plates
Coffee Mugs
AeroPress coffee maker
Pot or Kettle for heating water
Tin Foil
Sponge/Dish Soap


2 packages Veggie Dogs  we used Tofu Pups
2 packages Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns
Organic Ketchup
Organic Mustard
Dandies Vegan marshmallows
Graham Crackers  any honey free crackers will do
Dark Chocolate  we used Theo 85% Dark Chocolate Bar
Pre-made Pancake Mix see recipe above
Cookies Spray
Oreos* optional
Maple Syrup
Earth Balance* optional
1 large Zucchini
1 large Red Onion
1 package Mushroons
1 large Tomatoe
1 large Red & Green Peppers
365 Simple BBQ Seasoning
4 medium Gold Potatoes
2 cloves onion
1/2 onion
Olive Oil
Trail Mix we used a mix of Trader Joe’s Wasabi Wow!, Coconut Cashews and Go Raw Trail Mix
Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter
Trader Joe’s Strawberry Fruit Spread
Quinoa Protein Balls

Overall, French Creek was great. It would have been better if it had a lake for swimming (which we had anticipated).

Disney World as a Vegan

Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida

Again, prior to my 9 day trip in September to the most magical place on earth, I did my research. I searched Google, I viewed hashtags on Instagram and perused Facebook pages. I took notes. I packed my own snacks. None of this fully prepared me for my foodie endeavor in the land of princesses and talking animals. While there I vowed to return home and blog about my experience to give future vegans in Disney World further reference because , believe me, the more information you have, the better.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Lunch – Counter Service
Backlot Express

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich – basil asiago artisan bread, mushrooms, red peppers, zucchini, tomato, watercress and cheese with sundried tomato pesto, served with carrot sticks or french fries

VEGANIZED: Order without cheese and with the multigrain bread. I would also opt for the carrot sticks; fryers are not separate for meat products and french fries

Backlot Express


Lunch – Counter Service
Sunshine Seasons

ALREADY VEGAN: Orange Sesame Glazed Vegan Chick’n Chunks with Stir Fry Noodles


Dinner – Table Service
Teppan Edo – Hibachi Style Dining

Appetizer: Garden Salad – Mixed greens and seasonal vegetables with your choice of our original ginger dressing or creamy sesame dressing

VEGANIZED: Choose the ginger dressing for the salad.


Yasai – fresh seasonal vegetables
– includes seasonal vegetables with udon noodles and steamed sukiyaki beef rice

VEGANIZED: Mention to the manager, waitress and chef that you are vegan. In my case, they cooked all vegetables prior to cooking meat products. Opt out of the udon noodles and steamed sukiyaki beef rice and ask for white rice.

Stir Fry 3

Food & Wine Festival


Trick’n Chick’n Curry with Basmati Rice featuring Gardein Chick’n Breast
Chili Colorado with House Made Chips & Cashew Cheese, featuring Gardein Beefless Tips
Chocolate Cake with Passion Fruit Sorbet and Coconut Foam



Vegetarian Haggis with Neeps and Tatties-Griddled Vegetable Cake with Rutabaga and Mashed Potatoes

VEGANIZED: Opt for doubly rutabaga. The mashed potatoes are not vegan



ALREADY VEGAN: Youki Tofu topped with Miso Sauce, Edamame and Served with Grilled Vegetables


Animal Kingdom

Breakfast – Buffet
Tusker House – Donald’s Safari Breakfast

There are a handful of buffet items that can be veganized. Mention to your waiter and the hostess at check-in that you have a dietary restriction. They will send out the chef upon arrival at your table. Thankfully, one of the chefs at Tusker House was over the top helpful and took me around the entire buffet pointing out what was vegan and what could be made vegan upon request.

VEGANIZED: The chef prepared the following items special per the vegan diet.

  • Mickey waffles – Also gluten free
  • Tator Tots – Pan fried opposed to fried
  • Yam Casserole – without cheese.


Tusker House

Magic Kingdom

Lunch – Counter Service
Columbia Harbor House

ALREADY VEGAN: Vegetarian Chili

Lighthouse Sandwich – hummus with tomato & broccoli slaw on toasted multigrain bread with potato chips $9.19

VEGANIZED: Order without broccoli slaw.



Dinner – Table Service
Contemporary – California Grill

Chefs at the California Grill, atop the Contemporary resort, opt for a four mini entree to meet the dietary needs of a vegan.  I could not tell you what exactly my four mini entrees were.  To the best of my knowledge they were a risotto dish, a ratatouille dish, mini flat breads and a salad.  It was delicious and with each vegan this selection will change.


Downtown Disney

BabyCakes NYC

All vegan bakery in the marketplace area of Downtown Disney with cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, brownies and more! (I picked up snacks for the week)


All Parks

ALREADY VEGAN: Pretzels and Popcorn throughout the parks are vegan as is!


And there you have it… vegan options in Disney from my point of view.  There are a few more, but these are the ones that worked best for me.  For further vegan options, I would view